WHC 2010–It was a blast.

The World Horror Convention 2010 in Brighton, UK was a blast.  There are many, many more things to tell, but I am going to plagarize steal nick borrow word-for-word the excellent con report of genius Brit writer (and new friend) Gary McMahon.  If you haven’t read this guy’s work, you should immediately.  He’s the real deal.  And, he is also incredibly generous for allowing me to plagarize steal nick use his brilliant con report, complete with editorial comments, since I am too fucking lazy to do one myself in complete agreement with him.

So, without further ado, here is Gary McMahon’s my complete and sincere summary:

Well, that was a blast.

I can’t be bothered to do one of those long, back-slapping, name-dropping blog posts where you list all the genre luminaries you had a pint with and go into the minutiae of what went on.

So, instead, here’s a brief overview of what I did:

  • Met some heroes
  • Made some new friends
  • Drank with some old friends
  • Slept nowhere near enough
  • Did a panel
  • Did some book launches
  • Did a reading
  • Signed some books
  • Bought some books
  • Had a whole load of fun
  • Felt glad that I’m part of a great and thriving artistic community

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