Bill Breedlove

Bill Breedlove’s latest book is the collection HOW TO DIE WELL.

Bill’s work has appeared in publications and websites such as the Chicago Tribune, RedEye, Metazen, InSider, The Fortune News, Restaurants & Institutions, Encyclopedia of Actuarial Science, Bluefood.cc and Playboy Online. His stories can also be found in the books Tales of Forbidden Passion, Strange Creatures, Tails from the Pet Shop, Book of Dead Things, Cthulhu and the Coeds and Blood and Donuts.

In 2006, Bill founded the small press Dark Arts Books with co-publisher John Everson.  The mission of Dark Arts Books is to create affordable trade paperback collections featuring multiple stories by four authors each. We publish sampler anthologies of some of the finest writers in modern horror. Dark Arts Books’ titles include: Candy in the Dumpster, Waiting for October, Sins of the SirensLike a Chinese Tattoo, Mighty UncleanWhen The Night Comes Down and Swallowed By The Cracks.

In 2009, LIKE A CHINESE TATTOO was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award for Best Anthology.

Bill’s horror film screenplay Last of the True Believers won a competition sponsored by DAILY VARIETY where the prize was a trip to the Cannes Film Festival to meet with Hollywood producers and executives.

Bill also wrote a column for the online horror publication THE BLACK GLOVE.

You can connect via Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. Or all three!

Bill lives in rural Washington.


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