Bill Breedlove & Scott G. Browne Reading!

As if a reading featuring myself and the extraordinarily-talented Scott G. Browne wasn’t exciting enough, the news just gets better:  we have secretly been working on a piece together that we will co-perform as part of the gig.  If you aren’t familiar with Scott’s hilarious novel BREATHERS: A ZOMBIE’S LAMENT, you should stop reading right this second and go to Amazon or your favorite online bookseller and order a copy.  You will thank me later.

Working with someone as talented and as gracious as Scott was pure joy, and I think the story rocks as well.  Typical of the amount of professionalism and artistry you can expect from the collaboration, we also created a flyer to promote this gig with all the details.  We took special care to find appropriate photos to convey the seriousness and import of this piece.  Hopefully, if you’re in Brighton, we’ll see you there.  If not, please enjoy this flyer as a taste of what you’re going to be missing:


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