New collection HOW TO DIE WELL is available everywhere in both trade paperback or ebook for your reading enjoyment.

The book features twenty stories, a great cover by artist Mari Lowery and a very kind and generous comment by Mr. Donald Ray Pollock:

”Bill Breedlove is a masterful writer, and the stories in How To Die Well are some of the most exhilarating and strange and downright good that you will ever read.”

Hope you enjoy the stories.

Over the past few years, I’ve edited a half a dozen anthologies published by Dark Arts Books. Take a look… if you dare:

Candy in the Dumpster

Released at the World Horror Convention in 2006, Dark Arts Books’ debut title features three “new and used” stories each from four Chicago horror authors – Bill Breedlove, Martin Mundt, John Everson and Jay Bonansinga.

Ranging from the insanely funny to the chillingly creepy, the book remains popular to this day. “A few of the originals are utterly tasteless and utterly hilarious, particularly one each by Martin Mundt and Bill Breedlove.”-Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror 2007.

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The second Dark Arts Books release, WAITING FOR OCTOBER, is a compilation of 12 tales by four of horror’s most evocative authors: Adam Pepper, Sarah Pinborough, Jeff Strand and Jeffrey Thomas.

From body parts gone missing to body parts inexplicably arriving, from parasitic children to dead grammas, WAITING FOR OCTOBER is filled with the harvest of four tantalizingly twisted imaginations.

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Unusual, weird and wonderful, herein are twelve stories from the minds of four supremely talented — and twisted — authors.

From the curse of the living dead to vengeance from beyond the grave, from the darkest corner of Africa to the bowels of the local cemetery, these tales are as unique and as mysterious as…well, a Chinese Tattoo!

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From the agony of unrelenting grief to the desperation of spontaneously-combusting convicts, from the grim battle between a human monster and his otherworldy competition to the salacious secret life of Ro-Man(!). 

All this and more in strange worlds vividly painted by four supremely talented authors – worlds that are twisted, cruel and mighty unclean.

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Sixteen tales of the oncoming blackness, including more than the usual cast of characters. There are shapeshifters and gravediggers, but also supernatural private detectives and — perhaps most terrifying of all — beautiful creatures that prey on… horror writers.  

Murder, death — and things worse than death — are all waiting for you WHEN THE NIGHT COMES DOWN.

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Here today, gone tomorrow.  

Four of horror’s brightest talents–Gary McMahon, Lee Thomas, S.G. Browne, and Michael Marshall-Smith–light up the corners, illuminate the shadows and show you–ready or not–what’s there in the dark, where if you’re not careful, you might end up SWALLOWED BY THE CRACKS.

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