Signing at Printer’s Row Book Fair

Along with my good friends John Everson and Mort Castle, I will be at the Printer’s Row Book Fair this Sunday 13 June, 2010, from Noon to 2pm.  We will be the guests of the wonderful Old Towne Books & Tea, at their location, which are tables 176-178.  I guess the “official” name of this gig is “Chicago Tribune’s Printer’s Row LitFest” but it will always be “Printer’s Row Book Fair” to me.

Anyway, stop on by if you’re there.  Printer’s Row Book Fair is awesome, tons of bookstores, authors and lots and lots of books, all outdoors in the gloriousness of Chicago in the summer. The entire Dark Arts Books catalogue will be on hand, so you can fill in any missing volumes easily.  Old Towne Books & Tea has a great lineup of authors, so check out their website to see who will be there signing all weekend as well.

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