Very nice review of HOW TO DIE WELL from Horror World

It is a rare moment for posting on the beloved Curious Stories website, so there must either be a once–a-century comet passing overhead, or perhaps–more likely–an asteroid heading straight for my house like it is using Google Maps.

But, in any event, I just now noticed this very nice review of HOW TO DIE WELL from the awesome website Horror World (“Horror’s #1 community on the web”).  Many thanks to Horror World and author/critic Dan Reilly for the very kind review, which can be read in its entirety here.

In a somewhat coincidental piece of news, relating to some of the comments about the shocking lack of “pure, undiluted Bill Breedlove experience” available, I can say that I have been working writing and editing (rewriting) several pieces of both story and novel length.

Also, we will be posting another Free Story to this site soon, so if you have not yet had the chance to read the dear old chestnut “Great Expectations,” check it out or download it or print it or tattoo it on your eldest child or littlest sibling** because it will be replaced with another free story soon.

Hope everyone is enjoying the autumn.  More to come.


Bill B.


** Please do not tattoo my stories on unwilling people.