Stoker Awards Weekend, June 12-14

This year the Stoker Awards, which are the highest level of recognition given to authors, editors, publishers and artists from the Horror Writers Association, return to Los Angeles, CA. (Burbank, actually).

I was very honored and humbled to garner a nomination for editing the anthology LIKE A CHINESE TATTOO.   Considering the tremendous talent involved in the other works in this category, it really is quite an honor just to be nominated. 

The actual awards ceremony/banquet is Saturday evening.  There are also numerous parties, and John and I will also be manning the Dark Arts table in the Dealers’ room.  It will be great to see many of the old freinds that it seems we are only able to connect at a con or an event like this once every year or so.

As well, on Thursday 11 June, at 7pm there will be a HUGE author mash-up/signing taking place at one of the greatest bookstores in the entire world, Dark Delicacies.  If you’re in town, come on out and see the all the writers who will be there (including me).

On Friday from 2-3pm, I will be participating in a panel on “Editing an Anthology” with distinguished editors R. J. Cavender, Ellen Datlow, Chad Helder, Stephen Jones and Vince A. Liaguno.

With all of the great events planned, it should be a really fun weekend. I hope to see you there if you can make it!

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