Most Curious
by Bill Breedlove

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How to Order:
This is how it works: Send an email with your name, mailing address and how many copies you would like. We’ll send you the book, and when it arrives, you send us a check. How’s that for some old-school action? (apologies to Maktub!) Long live the honor system!


“The work of this promising writer deserves to be read...cautiously.”
- Gahan Wilson

“I read Bill Breedlove’s work and it spanked me with butter.”
- Curtis White

“Bill Breedlove writes cheerful, pleasant stories that suddenly reach up and grab you by the throat and rip out your vocal chords. He’s an expert craftsman who knows to use just the right words to build a perfectly sane, secure world and then in a few nasty strokes of the keyboard send his characters and his readers on an express trip to hell. Breedlove is a writer to watch, assuming he’s not burned as a witch.”
- Robert Weinberg

“Bill Breedlove combines the macabre and the hilarious to create a unique vision all his own. His writing is intriguing, too.”
- Rick R. Reed


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